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I went back to the same location today for another all-day sit. I took the tree stand this morning and at first light the same 6pt from yesterday showed up along with a doe. That was all I saw for the AM hunt.

The wind shifted during the mid-day and I switched to the ground blind on the other side of the bait. I stayed there until dark. I had several does come in and during the last hour of daylight the 6pt came in again.

It was another slow day for me, but not for everyone. Kent Taylor shot a nice 10pt tonight. I don't have a photo yet but I'll post one tomorrow. Dave Butler had a great buck show up but just as he was about to draw a sow and cub black bear came rushing in and the deer blew out. The bear spooked and both the sow and cub climbed the trees next to Dave. Rob was called in to rescue Dave! The rest of the guys had slow hunts. We're hoping the bucks start moving for our last two days..


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