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For my morning hunt I went to a different stand and hoped for the best. It was an improvment, instead of the same 6pt I've been watching all week I had a spike and a fork come in. Along with a couple of does, that was all I saw this morning. I opted to come out instead of doing another all day sit. At 11, Roy came and picked me up.

For the afternoon hunt I went back to the same stand. All I saw was 8 does. Pretty rough.

The other guys did better. Dave Butler had a shooter come in and chased off by a bear - again! Ken Scarborough had a small basket 8 that he passed up, and Nick Bell had an absolute giant buck come in. He shot, but his cam hit his leg and it was a clean miss. Bummer!

When I got back to the lodge, Rob Nye asked if I "hated him yet?" And my reply was "absolutely" then we both started laughing. In all honesty, I'm perfectly fine with this hunt. Rob is not. Rob works hard, both physically and mentally to get all of his clients on big deer. When we have a hunt as slow as mine it drives them crazy. But that's hunting. For whatever reason the deer just totally shut down on us this week. Everyone saw a shooter except me. I was snakebit. Believe it or not, I still had a blast. We had great guys in camp, Rose's incredible food, and Rob's sense of humor (I wish I could share some of the texts we sent back and forth but I have to maintain the family friendly nature of Bowsite). Rob is a pisser, as anyone who's hunted with him will attest to. I will be back!


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