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After my plane landed it took another hour to get through customs. I didn't leave until after midnight. It was a long, brutal drive to camp but I rolled in early in the morning and crashed. Because I was so wiped out, I passed on the morning hunt. I don't think I missed much, it was pretty hot and nothing was moving.

For the afternoon hunt Rob dropped me off at a treestand deep into private land. It was a great setup in a spruce tree with lots of cover and a cake shot. The weather was still too warm, almost eighty degrees. The last 45 minutes of daylight I saw a doe and fawn, and a button. It was pretty slow for me.

The other guys had some pretty good action. Nick Bell had a really nice 11 point come in but never gave him a clear shot. Dave Butler had a wolf chase a doe off the bait. Kent Scarborough had a black bear camp out in front of his treestand. He snapped this photo below.



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Pat Lefemine's hunt takes place in Saskatchewan with Canadian Trophy Quest


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