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This scene (photo above) was my view for over 12 hours. I was in the blind for an all day sit. It's rough mentally and physically, but it does work if you can tough it out. I will say it's easier to do when it's the rut and you are covered up with deer. Unfortunately, things were slow today. But I did get some entertainment a few times..

At daybreak a doe and fawn came to the bait. Twenty minutes later, my first buck of the trip appeared. Watching him walking through the brush I thought he was going to be a monster. I was disappointed when I saw he was a 2.5 year old 6 point with a 250lb body! The deer here are massive. He fed at the bait and then worked over a sapling. He was definitely showing a bit of rutting behavior.


After he left I saw nothing until 12:30PM when this same buck came back again. I snapped a photo with my DSLR (Below) right before he left.

At 5:15PM a doe came in and shortly thereafter this same buck came in again. He worked over some more saplings before the day came to an end. He was the only buck I saw today.

The rest of the group had similar activity. It was very slow all around except for Nick - again. That boy is in the hot spot. He had a nice buck show up today. If he wasn't 23 years old and 6'2 we'd probably fight him for that stand! The weather has cooled down so we're hoping the mature deer will start moving soon.





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