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Back to the same stand for Day 5 and another all day sit in the stand. Man does that ever wear me out! There is a good buck in this area and Rob and I both feel that the waiting game is the right play. The weather is changing today, rain and windy all day. At daybreak, the same 6pt came in and chased off some does.

Shortly after the deer left, I got a text that my buddy Greg shot a great buck, I couldn't wait to see the pic.

I had some does and fawns show up but what kept me in the stand all day again was the weather. It was snotty, spitting rain and cold. It must have dropped twenty degrees since first light. It was one of those great days for deer movement. I never saw any new bucks, just the same 6 point dink I've been watching all week, but they were moving a lot more than they had previously.

While my hunt has been very slow so far, I remain optimistic. Len had a great buck show up under his stand. He was hunting with a longbow and his string caught his arm guard when he shot at a nice 11 point. Greg Hammell shot a fantastic 11 point, and yesterday Kent Taylor shot a nice 10 pt at last light. The deer have been difficult, but if you put your time in here, typically it pays off. Lord knows, I've put my time in this week. I've spent 42 hours in a stand or a blind in the last four days. It sounds nuts, but these deer move all day long and given the way these deer are cooperating, it's really our only option at this point. Tomorrow is our last day. Four guys still have tags.

Kent Taylor

Greg Hammell



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