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About this Bowhunt

Bowsite Founder Pat Lefemine, along with Greg Hammell and his son Nick is back hunting with Rob Nye, of Rob Nye's Wilderness Adventures and Canadian Trophy Quest located near the Carrot River area of Northern Saskatchewan. We'll be bowhunting trophy-class bucks from a combination of both baited and unbaited stand locations with some hunts running sunrise to sunset. Just like in 2012 this hunt takes place during the archery season.

Just as my other deer hunts, we will update this feature LIVE every evening. We may do an occasional mid-day update too so check back often.

Note, the internet connection up here is terrible. We will do our best to upload as much content as possible. Hopefully it doesn't go down during our hunt.


I should have been hunting today, instead I was grounded back home in Connecticut with an appointment to visit the US State Department...because I'm an idiot.

You see, while packing Saturday evening for a very early Sunday morning flight, the last thing I packed was my Passport. I don't think about my passport very often, so it sat in my gun safe for over a year. It had expired two months back. I panicked, and scoured the web for an option. Unfortunately, all indications pointed to me not being on Air Canada for the flight to Saskatoon. I latered confirmed this with the Air Canada representative over the phone. You can't fly internationally anywhere - even Canada - with an expired passport. My only option was to make an emergency appointment at the US State Department in Stamford CT. I spent Sunday getting the necessary documentation together and by noon today, I had a shiny new password good for another 10 years.

So much for my first dah, huh? Lesson learned - check your passport expiration as soon as you book your international trip and plan ahead. Iif you get in a bind, there are approximately 30 State Dept. passport agencies which can provide a passport - same day. I'm writing this update on my Delta flight right now. I should arrive in Saskatoon around 11PM local time. Since I have a long drive I may have to skip the AM hunt tomorrow. I'll try like hell but I'm not going to kill myself over it.


70lb Mathews Creed XS MATHEWS
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Carbon Express Pile Driver 350 arrows CARBON EXPRESS
Ripcord arrow rest RIPCORD
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Montana Black Gold Sight MONTANA BLACK GOLD

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Pat Lefemine's hunt takes place in Saskatchewan with Canadian Trophy Quest


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