Mathews Inc.

Kansas Whitetail Live

November 8-15

Day 5

Morning Hunt

Back to the South Pasture blind. It was cold and I was fighting the windows that kept fogging up in the blind. I had just wiped off the window when I saw a nice 8. It was the same buck from last night and he didn't get any bigger since last night. So he got a pass.

This nice 8 got a pass. He looks young.


I stayed in until noon. Only saw one small spike after the 8 at dawn.


Afternoon Hunt

For the afternoon we went to the Calvary Creek stand. Once there the wind was bad. So I headed back to Kent's South Pasture. I saw a great buck chasing does and he looked like a shooter! An hour later a doe ran into the bait and the big 10 followed her. I looked him over carefully, he had a great, perfect 10 point rack but he didn't meet what Charlie and I call the No Doubt buck test. That is, the minute you see him - you have no doubt it's a big shooter. If there's any doubt, you pass. And that's what I did. Watching the video later confirmed I made the right decision. I could have killed him easily he just needed another year. I figured he was 150" at 4.5.

I'm getting better at field judging. It can be a curse. I'm passing up bucks that I would never pass up two years ago.

This ten was really nice, not exceptional - he got a pass.


Two days left! Pressure is on.

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