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Kansas Whitetail Live

November 8-15

Day 3

Morning Hunt

I hunted the calvary creek stand this morning. It was still and cold. I had an ancient buck show up that we've seen here for years. We believe he's more than 10.5 based on how many years we've seen him. He was obnoxious, chased every doe, every small buck, and grunted nonstop. It was neat to watch but it started to get on my nerves. By 9:00 AM that was the only mature buck I saw.

Around that same time I got a text from Greg. They found his buck and it was the slow buck! He had made a good shot after all and the buck was not far. The buck is an absolute slammer and while it didn't quite make 180, it taped out green at 174 2/8 gross. What a beauty. Unfortunately, the coyotes had annihilated the carcass. It was tough to get a photo because there was nothing behind the neck. It was unreal!

Greg killed the slow buck which grossed just over 174"


The rest of the morning was slow until 11 AM when this nice, but young 8 with kickers and forked tines cruised by. He was not a shooter but will be a good buck in two years.

Future shooter


Afternoon Hunt

For the afternoon I went to one of my favorite stands here called the junkyard. It's a very thick patch of trees that holds lots of deer. I wasn't in the stand for twenty minutes when deer started filtering through the trees and around my stand. Two bucks came by, an 8 with no G1s and a great looking ten that made me reach for my bow.

Nice 8 but missing his G1s

As the big ten came closer his rack was fantastic and I thought he'd go around 160. But the more I studied him the more I realized he was young. Likely 3.5 years old. I was not going to shoot him but it was tough. I sent the pic to a few guys on Bowsite that are great at judging gross scores. They all put him between 160 and 165 so I was in the ballpark. If this deer is in fact 3.5, and he's 165 - he'll be a 180 next year. He gets a pass.

The young ten was magnificent - but he got a pass


For the next two hours, deer were being chased in and chased out nonstop. There was grunting, snort wheezing, and making rubs and scrapes all around me. It was one of those special days you remember for years. I never pulled back my bow but it didn't matter. Things are heating up.

A great day all around.

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