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Kansas Whitetail Live

November 8-15

Day 2

Morning Hunt

I hunted the cottonwood stand again this morning. Weather was much colder,and with a consistent 15-25 mph wind it was damn cold. Luckily, I had worn my Sitka Fanatic bibs and jacket and that made the sit tolerable. The temps were perfect, but the wind was a problem. First light was dead, no movement at all for the first hour.

The same broken buck from yesterday appeared this morning. The other buck was a forky
Today's temps called for my Sitka Fanatic system


By hour two, I had the same buck from yesterday come into my stand. By 11:30 AM all I had seen that one buck, a forkhorn, and a button buck. It was a very slow morning but watching the view made it worth it.

View from the Cottonwood stand facing west


I came back to camp to eat, warm up and I'll be headed back out for the afternoon.


The Fauci buck


Afternoon Hunt

My hunt was very slow this evening. There are three stand that slow-Joe has been frequenting but mine was not one of them. At dark I got a text that Greg had shot a buck, he said it was huge but was not sure if it was the 180 class 10 or not. The shot looked good, but the way the buck reacted was sketchy so him and Clay discussed next steps. They both agreed to look for the buck the next morning rather than chance it. No shooters for Matt or I but we were happy for Greg. It sounded good.

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