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Kansas Whitetail Live

November 8-15

Day 1

About This Hunt

We're back in Protection Kansas with Cimarron River Outfitters. This year I'm joined by two good friends, Gregg Hammell of Connecticut and Matt DeVoe from Michigan. We will post a hunt update at least every day but I'm also going to try to post two updates; one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Morning Hunt

The last stand I hunted in 2019 (and killed that nice 10) is the first stand I hunted in 2020. They have a solid 180 buck that's hitting three stands in daylight, regularly. This past Saturday a hunter bounced an arrow off his back. Incredibly, that same buck was back on camera the very same night. This buck is a big 10 and very killable. So we are putting a full-court press on to get him.

This broken buck showed up. One of two small bucks from this morning.


While he did not show at any of our stands, I did have a pretty nice 10 that was busted on his right beam show up. Even if he was intact, he was not a shooter for us. Another buck was seen at 100 yards cruising. The weather has been terrible here this past week. Almost 80 degrees for the last several days, but big weather change hitting tonight so we're expecting the rut to kick in and the bucks start to cruise.


Afternoon Hunt

Our afternoon hunt was terribly warm and windy. I saw one small buck this afternoon. Activity for Gregg and Matt was slow as well. Big weather change happening tonight and temps are expected to plummet. We are expecting a great week.


I am using my Huntstand app constantly for both current and future wind direction. That feature is invaluable.


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