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Bowhunting Whitetails in Saskatchewan










Day 5 - AM

I was back in my stand looking over the beaver swamp and watched the sun light up the meadow. The marsh grass glistened in the sun and it was just a great morning in Saskatchewan. Temps were in the thirties and the wind had picked up quite a bit. I tried rattling a few times at this spot but I only saw a doe and a fawn. They were just passing through,

Despite the beauty of this little wilderness, there seemed to be more action at other stands. I was a mile from the stand I hunted the first day, and the one that has that big 8-pt that was being photographed regularly, so I walked from the beaver meadow to that stand. On the way there I literally walked right up to a spike buck that was sharing the same 4-wheeler road that I was using. I can not believe how laid-back these deer are up here.

Day 5 - PM

I settled into my stand at noon, hoping for the best. The wind was blowing consistently around 20mph all day but it wasn't so bad that I thought it should hamper movement. At 1PM Rob drove up to check the camera at this location. He did a double-take since he didn't know I had walked here from the beaver pond.

I climbed down and we both checked the camera together. As usual, several big bucks were here last night between 12-6AM. But no daylight bucks were here yesterday afternoon or this morning. One of the bucks had remarkable brow tines, at least 9" if not longer. If he shows up - it's curtains.

Unfortunately, all I saw was the same doe twice from this stand. At dark, a doe and a fawn were also heading in but they winded me when they were 75 yards away.


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This Live Bowhunt takes place in Northern Saskatchewan with Rob Nye Wilderness Adventures.

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