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Day 7 - Recovery day

Dwight and another bowhunter, Cole Law, were up early in the dark. Cole hit the timing just right. He came here to rattle and he called in several bucks last night. Dwight headed way back into the provincial forest to sit a ground blind that was getting daylight action on cameras. He didn't have any luck there yesterday but he hoped things would change today. I got up with the bowhunters and we wished each other luck as they headed to hunt, and I headed out with Rob and Nathan to pick up last night's bloodtrail.

When we last left the trail it was about 300 yards from where I had shot the buck. We hoped to see the bloodtrail open up - but it didn't, it was getting worse. We were literally finding a drop every 30 yards and my optimism was fading.

This is how we spent hours, on our hands and knees looking for a speck of blood like the one below

I wish I could get into the details of what happened during that trail but this may just be our best bloodtrail challenge ever - so I'm not going to give anything away. But I'll tell you this, three of us spent hours on our hands and knees piecing this trail together until we lost it completely and all but gave up. While Rob and Nathan were on their hands and knees 50 yards back, I took a chance, crossed a fence and headed down the main trail. I walked into my big buck, piled up dead!

It looked more like a horse than a whitetail. We estimated him at 250lbs.

He had gone close to a thousand yards as far as we could figure and we later confirmed exactly how far by GPS. How we ever found this buck was a mystery. But we were all thankful.

After the pictures and congrats we got another bit of good news. Cole rattled up his first trophy buck and drilled him at 8 yards. He was a great 9pt that will book for certain. Now we're just waiting on Dwight. This has been a great day up here in Saskatchewan and a happy ending to what started out as a very difficult hunt. Yes, I will be back. I really love this country up here and I know there are big bucks. I also love the mass and size of these animals. I've never seen anything like it. My buck had more mass than any other deer I've ever shot. And they are by far the largest bodied deer I've ever hunted. Some of them are closer to the size of a caribou than a whitetail. This hunt turned out well. I'll have fond memories of my wilderness treestands and the unpressured whitetails that I spent almost 60 hours with over six days.

Cole Law from Arkansas rattled in this buck and made a perfect shot.


Canadian Trophy Quest /
Rob Nye Wilderness Adventures

I know this hunt was slow at first. There's no way to control wild animals or warm weather. But the trophy quality and the remote wilderness locations are just spectacular up here in Saskatchewan. My thanks to Rob Nye for all of his hard work scouting, moving treestands, checking cameras and trying his hardest to put us on a trophy deer. The action is starting to pick up now. The weather is getting colder and the bucks are just starting to feel the rut. I'll be back up here again and I think the next time I'm going to do what Cole did - focus on rattling in bucks. He rattled 4 up yesterday and 5 this morning including his trophy class buck. The bucks here respond to rattling like nowhere else and I really missed the boat by not calling more than I did.

If you are interested in hunting Saskatchewan give these guys a call. The lodge is outstanding, the people are friendly, the food is terrific and big bucks are here.

For bookings and inquiries please call:

Rob Nye - Canadian Trophy Quest
(306) 768-2944, [email protected]



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