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Day 3 - All day

You know how I know there are big deer here? When Rob and I first talked about doing a Live hunt I explained to him that when we do "Live hunts" we show people exactly what happens, good or bad. I explained to him that when the hunting is slow it can work against him. He didn't flinch. He has big deer here and was entirely confident in the hunt. That's why it's been so frustrating for us. The bucks seem to be completely nocturnal (so far). I confirmed that tonight after sitting again from sunup to sundown with only one small 6pt during that entire time.

But when I was waiting for Rob to pick me up a buck showed up in the dark. He was tearing up trees and grunting his head off. He was not chasing or showing any breeding behavior yet at all. It seems like it's still early up here for the rut.

One thing that's an absolute blast is I have deer activity all day. I don't think I waited an hour before another deer showed up. And the country is spectacular up here. I thought Kansas lands were vast - this has it beat. Just getting to these stands are an adventure. We are hunting huge tracts of farm lands as well as Provincial forest that is wild and thick.

Dwight had a better day again. He had several bucks come in to his stand but no shooters.

All the rifle hunters are tagged out by the second day. They were a good bunch of guys and are all headed out tonight for an early flight. That leaves just Dwight and I left to hunt. We are still trophy selective. We still have 5 days left so there's plenty of time. We're hoping the rut kicks into gear before we leave. With all the does we're seeing this place should light up when that happens.


The Lodge at Carrot River

The hunting may have started slow but we are not roughing it. This lodge is spacious, neat and extremely comfortable. The food is outstanding and while eating we are surrounded by bucks killed here in this area including several over 200 inches!

Main room inside the lodge

Rose and Bev are outstanding cooks!

Every room has mounts

Rob Nye carving tonight's dinner

Tonight was the last night for most of these guys. Just Dwight and I are left to tag a deer

Some of the bucks killed here

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This Live Bowhunt takes place in Northern Saskatchewan with Rob Nye Wilderness Adventures.

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