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Bowhunting Whitetails in Saskatchewan










Day 2 - All day

We decided to try a different stand for today. Weather was about the same as yesterday - COLD - and it was going to be another all-day sit. I was a little discouraged for the first half of the day, I hadn't seen a deer until just before noon. But then the action picked up and stayed steady all the way until dark.

At 4PM I saw the body of a large, mature deer heading down toward my stand. I could clearly see the rack from 200 yards away so I positioned myself and flipped on my camera. He stopped and worked a tree over then made a scrape before he turned and started toward me. As he got closer, I zoomed my video camera on him and knew immediately he was not a shooter. He was probably around 100 inches, a mainframe 10 with weak G1s and G4s. What his rack lacked in size, his body more than made up for it. These deer have enormouse bodies up here in the far north. He had to weigh 250 on the hoof. He was on to me even though I didn't move. But he hung around the bait anyway before he headed north where the majority of the does were bedded.

By dark I had seen at least 30 does and one spike. Dwight had better luck. He had a 10 that would score high 130's show up. It was the largest of five bucks that came in on him. Another rifle hunter shot a 142 this morning as well so today was a good day for the camp.


For this hunt I used Sitka base layers and the Dutch Oven Vest. The Dutch Oven is powered by a lightweight battery that recharges overnight. So far I've only needed to set the vest on low power and it lasted the entire day on stand. I really like this vest!



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This Live Bowhunt takes place in Northern Saskatchewan with Rob Nye Wilderness Adventures.

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