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Day 3

It snowed most of the night, as you could hear it pattering on the tent, and continued as we had breakfast and packed for another days hunting. Tent bound wasnt an option, for one I deliberately didnt bring a book to read, second I was looking forward to hunting in some beautiful weather, beautiful being rain, hail or shine or in this case, a snow blizzard.  We headed out with hopes high that the weather and passing days was bringing the Moose rut closer, that tracks would be easier to date and follow in the snow and of course the now heavily snow-capped mountains would push a few beasts down lower.

We trekked out into the snow wearing some slip on leg waders that helped with footing due to the print size and kept us dry.

The wind felt like it was cutting your face with hard as rock ice pellets blowing across your skin at speed as the wind gusted over the white mountains down into the valley. Visibility came and went throughout the morning, sometimes dropping to little more than fifty meters at best. Still, we ventured on up river determined to put in every effort possible of finding the beasts lost in time.

We moved into the trees alongside the river bank where we could peer out onto the river, somewhat sheltered from the belting winds, cold and snow. My bow and back pack was getting heavier with snow as it settled in any and all spots it could catch whilst blowing in.

It wasnt the right conditions to head up high for the Black Bear, plus we still wanted to get a better look at the bear with the spotting scope and confirm it was a shooter.

About five kilometers up the river we stopped after crossing a small meadow and glassed what we could see, considering the visibility, which seemed to worsen by the second. A Moose appeared walking down to the river on the opposite side.

Speechless, I looked at Byron and pointed the Moose out, that at this point was just a dark object through a white rain of snow that was hard to look through, especially as the binoculars filled with snow after 30 seconds of viewing. Quickly I flicked them off and looked again. A cow and its calf walked out onto the river bank, the spirits were high and this was awesome to see as we got comfortable and watched both animals cross the raging river with ease and walk within bow range of us. Under the torrent of harsh weather, it was quite the sight. No bull in tow, which was always a possibility, but a great sign all the same.

In the early afternoon, the day did a backflip as the wind turned from east to west and the sky opened up to the big blue. The sun shined through well, burning up the snow and warming our skin. Porcupines were out to feed and the squirrels were running around. We covered some fifteen plus kilometers again this day, venturing into some great country and calling in some promising spots, but still no bulls.

After sixteen hours hunting, I struggled to stay up, but tonight was possibly a great night for the Northern Lights to shine. The westerly winds had cleared the sky and the northern lights were high on my list. 11.55pm and all I can say is magical, I captured a dozen great shots of the majestic scene.

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