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Day 5

We woke to yet another beautiful morning and set off upstream beside the mirrored mountains on the rivers surface. A little bit of rain fell today and the temperature dropped another notch with the blackening sky. Scanning the river and its banks revealed no movement and a long day was only passed by a passion for hunting and the outdoors, time passed in footsteps as we hiked to new grounds and glassed every nook and cranny of viewable land.

The Black Bear appeared up above camp mountain again today. Id looked back over that mountain a lot of times since first seeing the bear. Fresh snow made glassing easier for the bear and after some watching through the scope it proved that it was not a shooter. It was a sow and her cubs out soaking up the sun when it shined, great to see all the same.

Determined to make it happen we continued to glass but spotted only Dall Sheep rams and ewes on the higher reaches.

Another day had almost passed with us yet again crossing untold amounts of prime country. It seemed like we had crossed a thousand streams today and Byrons throat must be killing him from calling, I know mine did. The Moose shoulder blade rake used as a paddle call was wearing down and cracking, which shows the extent of its use.

We even toyed with the idea of moving areas, as our minds conjured up the idea that it would be greener on the other side. But truth be told that we had already put a lot of time and effort in on this river, the valley and the mountains that surrounded it and wed stay put. Time was the key and I just hoped our time was right, as we were going past half way through the trip and as yet we hadnt glassed a Bull, let alone been able to stalk, call and get to within bow range to make a kill.

It seemed like all too big of an ask, but then again Im not planning on asking, just doing. So we kept on keeping on, hunting right up till the very last light of day, positive that with time comes opportunity and with effort comes reward.

"BULL!" I whispered as I turned to Byron. Out across the river rutted an old bull. What a show, as he followed up a single cow. The Bull was an old animal going back in the antler department, but who cared. It was great to see a truly elusive game animal, especially in rut, putting on an aggressive performance. A remarkable beast, bigger than I had imagined and with an attitude to suit.

If hopes were down from a very hard five days, they were now sky high as we watched the bull and cow perform in rut. Hopefully tomorrow a light switch gets turned on and the rut goes into full swing. This was a great sign that faded only under the night sky as the bull disappeared in the dark.


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