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Day 10

The last day for adventure

I gave the outfitter full warning that this day, like all other hunting days, would be a big one and that the guide should have his Weeties for breakfast, as I was planning on hiking my heart out on those mountains in search of a good Caribou bull. Being my last day, there would be no turning back from where we needed to go to make it happen. The morning had us looking over four big bulls up high that were laid up for the day. Wed keep them in mind, but for now continued up river. Ten plus kilometers from camp, we caught sight of a big white chest. "Bull," I whisper excitedly as I can already tell its heavily antlered and the binoculars confirmed that.

The bull was out feeding with six cows and they all looked pretty relaxed, but no sooner had I closed the gap and the Caribou started to graze up river. The wind had me up on the mountain and the Caribous steady stride had me jogging in and out of crevices, through thick scrubs and jumping and climbing up rocky steep cut draws.

I couldnt make it happen even at this pace, I was barely keeping parallel to the big bull. I kept trying hoping to get in front of the bull that was still just grazing along, but the last draw really slowed me up. To get to the river in a hurry and try one more stalk, I jumped down onto a rockslide and started to descend, but gathered way too much speed as the rocks slipped on each other like shale. I hit the river with an abrupt stop and instantly it felt like I had broken my heel bone all over again.

I staggered out onto the river and glassed upstream to where the bull was last seen. I could just make out the tops of his antlers and limped up towards him, keeping to the base of the mountain. Again I couldnt close the gap and had to watch the bull fade into the distance. We clocked the stalk at just over three kilometers and most of it in some unforgiving ground. I didnt say anything to the guide about my heel, as I didnt want him worrying about me especially when there was more hunting to be done.

Time was running thin, as there was less than two hours of light remaining on my last hunting day in the Northwest. We walked and glassed for the next hour then a bull appeared that had it all. I couldnt believe it, this must be it I thought. Instantly I was in stalk mode and started to close the gap, a couple of hundred meters to get to thirty meters, bobbing and weaving through cover slowly and steadily. The bull was scraping its antlers behind a couple of trees. All I needed was for him to walk out into the clear either angling away or broadside. Broadside it was, twenty five meters away. The bull walked out and I eased to full draw. The Carbon Matrix flexed again, the arrow left the string and blitzed straight through the big Caribou bull. It was perfect at that, as the center of the kill zone instantly turned red and the lungs depressed.

The bull literally hit the ground running in mere seconds and expired. This bull had it all. Last hour on the last day some ten plus kilometers from camp. Totally stoked to say the least at an animal of a lifetime on an adventure of a lifetime. Night was already just about on us and we had a lot of meat to recover. We made quick work of the photos and moved onto recovering the beast, which was about twice the size that I had given them credit for. I caped while the guide started recovering the meat.

Eventually we arrived back at camp at some ridiculous hour of night or morning, we were greeted by all the staff and sat up talking and laughing for hours at what had been a very enjoyable and successful hunt.

The deep draw that I hunted my Caribou bull in, photographed while flying out.

I feel like I will need to come back every year now to satisfy the urge for a Land Before Time.

A Massive thank you to South Nahanni Outfitters (Sunny Peterson, Werner Aschbacher (THE OUTFATHER) and Guide Byron Gagne)

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