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Tuesday All Day Hunt

With all the action at the River, and the fact that this is where the big buck was hanging out, I went right back here for this mornings' hunt. But it was pretty slow at first. A couple of small bucks and does showed up, not much more - until 8. I watched a heavy framed buck chase a doe into some cedar trees. From several hundred yards away I could here him snort wheeze and grunt. I wished he was near my stand but he was quite a ways off.

He let out a bellowing grunt that was so loud the two bucks under me heard it and ran toward him. The buck was not going to lose his prize doe to a couple of dinks so he rounded her up and pushed her in the opposite direction of the harassing adolescents. It just happened to be right toward me!

As the doe approached I took my bow off the hook and flipped my camera on record. They never made it within range. The buck kept her on a short lease and pinned her down in the tamarack thicket to my east. This went on for hours. A couple of times it appeared I'd get a shot but then he'd head her off and herd the doe back into the thickest area.

I text messaged Kent not to pick me up. It looked like it was going to take a while. It was nearly 1PM when the doe broke from the thicket and ran out into the grass and plumb thickets. The buck followed her until they both bedded together facing me. I sat there motionless for another hour until the doe ran from the buck and they both headed south. By this time there was no use coming out, so I stayed there until dark. Nothing much else happened.

While creating this update I was able to blow up the video of the buck I parked on. It was only a 6 pt with a broken right beam. Just proves why it's bad to leave your binoculars back home. I can't believe I was waiting on a six point all day long.

I am exhausted. I was not planning on sitting all day so I've not drank anything or eaten food since last night. So I'm a little punchy. We have one more day to hunt and neither Greg nor I have had a shot. Tomorrow will be day.

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Our Kansas bowhunt takes place in Southwest Kansas with Cimarron River Outfitters.

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