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Friday Morning Hunt

The weather forecast called for gale force winds and they were spot on. We woke to cool temps and high winds out of the north. We had lots of options for a north wind and one of them was the same stand I hunted last evening and saw the big buck. So I headed there in the dark and waited for dawn.

Three small bucks showed up at first light but that was the only deer I saw until 10, when a buck came downwind of me and caught my scent. He high tailed it out of the county. The day was extremely slow due to the high winds.


Friday Afternoon Hunt

It was still very windy for the afternoon hunt. I decided to sit the stand I killed my 164 in last year. It is called the round bale stand which sits next to a cultivated milo field. There was a lot more activity here than at the River stand this morning, but nothing worth looking at. The bucks were sure chasing a lot and one of the bucks that showed up was missing his entire right antler.

Overall it was a very slow day all around. Bill had a lot of deer and sat all day. He saw two really big shooters. Gregg's day was more like mine, a few small bucks but no shooters. The wind laid down this evening and tomorrow is supposed to be clear, cold and still. It should be better.





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Our Kansas bowhunt takes place in Southwest Kansas with Cimarron River Outfitters.

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