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Monday Morning Hunt

I finally had a good wind to go back to the river stand - this is where that huge buck from day one hangs out. At first light my heart jumped because I could clearly see a big framed buck heading in my direction. As it got closer it was a big mature buck, but nothing like the deer I was after. He was a narrow, tall 8 with his G1's busted off. But he had the most remarkable bases, I mean they were huge! He didn't hang around very long and moved directly under my stand and began to rub a cedar. I caught it all on video. With two days left to hunt shooting a 6 pt didn't make a lot of sense. But he sure was pretty and those

The balance of the morning I watched a lot of sub mature bucks chase does around. The rut is not in full swing yet but it's close. No sign of the big boy yet. I stayed in until 11:30 and left all of my gear in the tree. I'm coming right back here for the afternoon hunt.


Monday Afternoon Hunt

After a quick lunch and a short recharge, I was back in the river stand for the rest of the day. The wind was still perfect and I had high hopes for this hunt. It did not disappoint. The little bucks started chasing around 4:45 and that lasted till 5:15. I watched a doe, who had somehow escaped harassment, sneak by my stand. But before she came down into the little hole I was hunting she froze and was focused on something behind me. I was in the open and exposed to her so I didn't dare move. But I could hear it walking and I could tell just by the sound it was probably a big buck. I couldn't take it any more. I slowly turned and saw what had to be the single largest bodied deer I have ever seen. This boy had to be 280 to 300lbs on the hoof and he was all puffed up and ruffled. What a sight. But I couldn't get a real good look at his rack so I didn't sufficiently size him up. He fed for 30 seconds before he walked off. As he walked away I could clearly see that I might have messed up. He is a nice buck.

He made a scrape and walked through the CRP. But then a small 9 chased a doe under my stand and that got his attention. He turned and headed back. I reached for my bow. I had never shot a deer this big (body wise) and the video was fantastic. He was grunting, chasing, making scrapes and rubs. The only problem was that I just couldn't get a clean shot. He was moving and chasing the entire time. Sure I could have rushed something but we know what happens when you do that. He ended up chasing the doe out into the sage and out of sight. I know he's not the highest scoring buck ever, we figured him 140-145, but he was just so neat. What a horse.

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Our Kansas bowhunt takes place in Southwest Kansas with Cimarron River Outfitters.

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