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Sunday Morning Hunt

There was virtually no wind this morning and temps were in the low 30's. We talked about a lot of different stands before dawn and I settled on the Round Bale stand which is where I hunted last year and killed the 164 non typical. But no repeat today. The wind switched soon after Kent's tai lights disappeared and it was all wrong. I saw some deer, including this small 8 above, but most of them winded me and when some bird hunters started blasting quail at the property on the other side of this tree belt I was pretty sure my morning was going to be slow. Oh well, everyone gets a slow morning here from time to time.


Sunday Afternoon Hunt

The wind went from bad, to just plain awful. We were ready to go at 2PM but couldn't seem to get a consistent wind. The forecast called for a NW wind but that's not what I experienced on stand. The wind was blowing in 3 of 4 directions and it made my afternoon hunt difficult. But despite the wind this nice 8 showed up in broad daylight and I could have killed him 10 different times. He spotted me once and left, but then came trotting back in when some does walked by my stand. He made me think about it but in my opinion, he needs another year before he's a shooter. After all, he's just an 8 and will probably go 135" (my guess - what do you think?)


The temperatures were hot and the wind was unpredictable. Not a good day for deer hunting. Yet we managed to see some good deer. Unfortunately, Bill had to go home ahead of planned so it's just down to Greg and me. Greg saw a monster buck this morning, but he winded Greg just before he came into range. Greg said it looked like a buck with a tree on his head. Hopefully we'll get to see that boy again - in range!

I cooked up my specialty for the camp tonight - deep fried wild turkey breast. Rio's taste just as good as Eastern's except they seem to have more meat on their breasts. We're going to hit it hard for our last couple of days now.

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Our Kansas bowhunt takes place in Southwest Kansas with Cimarron River Outfitters.

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