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Kansas Whitetail Live

November 6-12

Day 5


Morning Hunt

November 10th

It's been very slow so I was not very optimistic heading into my stand at Calvary Creek. This is the stand I killed that 160 buck last year on Day 1. While it was still slow, I did see two decent bucks. One was a mature 8 with a broken G3 and the other was a 4 year old 10 with short tines. The broken 8 chased a doe out into the pasture and the 10 came in to get a drink from the river. I'll take this morning as a good sign that things will improve this afternoon and our last two days!

This mature 8 came across the river to chase a doe that was out in this pasture. First rutting action I've seen all week.



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Afternoon Hunt

I went back to the blind at the draw. We got a trail cam pic of a really nice 10 pt and while no pic of the Ghost I would shoot either buck if they came in. Unfortunatel nothing came in, not even a doe. This was my 5th time hunting this blind and I have never seen a doe, and only one small buck. So I'm done with the Ghost, and I'm done with this blind. He was a hell of a buck.

I've been talking about The Ghost all week, well now you can see why I'm focused on this magnificent buck!


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