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Kansas Whitetail Live

November 6-12

Day 2


Morning Hunt

November 7th

I went to the blind at the draw again - same place I hunted last night. I know it's a long-shot and I may be making a big mistake, so I'm gonna take it day by day. I sat there until 11 and only saw one very small buck at first light. No does. This blind has one window and it's down the bottom of a draw next to a creek. I'm unable to see anything coming or going. They just appear, and they disappear. It's exactly where you would expect a big mature buck to be - off the grid - in a place where you would never expect him to be.

Matt and Tom saw very little as well. The weather was against us today. It's expected to be 80 degrees this afternoon with no wind. Yuck.


Afternoon Hunt

Damn it turned warm. I was not looking forward to sitting in a hard-sided blind with sealed sealed windows. When I got there at 3PM it was 120 degrees inside that blind. I left the door open until 5pm to keep from getting heat stroke. I closed the door for the last 90 minutes.

I sat there until dark, and saw nothing. Holding out for this ghost buck is gonna be rough. I have not seen a doe in three hunts, which is not a good sign. It's been slow for everyone with this hot weather. We'll see about tomorrow morning - I may need to skip the morning hunt at the blind and try elsewhere. We're hoping for some cooler weather. We need it.


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