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Morning Hunt

Last night a front came through and dropped an inch of rain. What it didn't drop was the temperature - that's supposed to happen tonight. The moisture carpeted the prairie with mist and it was a spectacular view from my treestand. At first light two does came by and 20 minutes later a young 10.

Once the sun burned off the mist it started getting warm. By 10:00AM it was hot and all activity stopped. I can't believe it's November and it's hovering in the seventies.


Afternoon Hunt

For the first time in a few years I am back at the stand called the Oval Office. If you have been following this hunt for years you understand it's name. If you don't know, click here.

This stand is special. Not only was it the home of that stupid stunt I pulled with a decoy, but it was also the stand where I saw a 200" typical that shook me to my core. That deer was missed by Eric, and also seen by Jeff Goulet. Nobody ever saw him again.

So I'm back at this stand for this afternoon and there was nonstop activity. I had does, small bucks and one decent buck. I watched the biggest buck make a scrape and chase does around, and I cam very close to watching a buck fight but the smaller deer backed down before they locked up. It was a great afternoon hunt!


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Our deer hunt takes place in Southwest Kansas with Cimarron River Outfitters


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