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Morning Hunt

It's day five and we're getting down to the wire. This happens here every so often. The weather is a factor, but sometimes the bucks become inactive and then something happens and all hell breaks loose. I know that will happen. Whether that happens today or tomorrow is the question.

For my morning hunt Kent suggested I hunt the Wooden tree stand. The last time I hunted this stand I filmed Ron Baxley shoot a 10 that went close to 160 after I had tagged out earlier in the day.

After Kent dropped me off I could see a deer heading toward me from the wheat field. It was a mature buck. But he was busted up, missing his G2 on his right beam and a non-typical point on this left. He was not a shooter. I could have shot him easily but there's no reason killing something unless he meets your standard. This deer did not.

An hour later I had eight does feeding below me. The wind was perfect and I knew a buck would head in. But rather than a trophy buck showing up a pack of 3 coyotes walked in and the deer ran off stomping and blowing. For those of you who know me, I love to kill coyotes. By the time I got the video camera on they ran off and I never had a chance. Crap.

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I saw zero deer after that and stayed on stand until 11:00 AM.


Afternoon Hunt

Kent and I discussed stand options and I picked Kent's Tree Belt. When we got there, we changed our mind and headed to Calvary Creek instead. This is what happens when you're down to the wire with one day left. We start second guessing ourselves when we should stick with our first instinct. Unfortunately, the afternoon hunt was very slow. I saw 8 does.

Jake's action was even worse. He saw zero deer while hunting a ground blind in the area I call Jarnagin's Ditch. Tom had a mature buck come in after shooting light. It's been brutally slow.

Tomorrow is my last day. It's not looking good but I'll give it hell till the last light of my final hunt.


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Our deer hunt takes place in Southwest Kansas with Cimarron River Outfitters


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