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Morning Hunt

It all started as a joke in deer camp. Jake picked me up a decoy and while they were sleeping I slipped an Obama mask on it. Just good deer camp fun. When my camp-mates urged me to bring it to the field I said "what the heck." I figured it would be a hoot to set it up and as soon as the first 120" buck walked up to it I'd take it down and get serious again. I'd get some good laughs from the guys ( and probably some of you) and I'd continue hunting for a big buck.

So in the dark Kent and I assembled "Barruck" which we nicknamed the "Decoy In Chief" and set him up to the right of my treestand. As daylight approached a small buck came in and immediately eyed Barruck and walked toward him. Something caught his attention and he walked out into the CRP where he met up with another deer and avoided him. That should have been clue #1. I continued to film as the deer (a buck) headed in. As any good video guy does; I live the scene through the viewfinder.

I thought it was neat to film this buck walking up to Barruck. As I zoomed in I realized I was looking at a 160-170" 8 point giant! Unfortunately, I was unable to turn around and grab my bow on the other side of the tree. Note to self, next time I use Barruck make sure he is on the "Left" side of the stand.

I did see the giant once more but he never gave me a shot. I saw another huge buck this morning too, but no shot on him. They are chasing really hard. I am going to give this stand a rest tonight and come back here in the AM, without Barruck next time.

Afternoon Hunt

I went back to the stand I hunted the first night and saw several bucks. After watching Barruck pull in a big buck I decided to give the decoy another shot, this time as a standard Whitetail. Kent and I set it up 25 yards and slightly quartering to my position. I had never really hunted much over a decoy with any success, but then again - I've never tried it here in Kansas.

A few does came by and they were not happy about the buck. As they were head-bobbing at him I caught another buck coming in. Unfortunately I couldn't get him on the video but he was the giant 6 I saw last year from this very stand except 15-30" larger. If he comes in on the last night I'd shoot him but for now I need something a little better. I guess he is 6.5 years old, a big mature deer with an inferior rack configuration.

Another hour went by and deer started to filter down the tree belt and out into the CRP before entering a giant wheat field. The decoy was set up at the edge of that tree belt and it caught the attention of a big 8 that was busted up. He came right at it and postured for a full minute. I could have killed him easily, on film too but I won't shoot a buck that is missing 4 tines. He probably needed another year anyway.

My Kansas trip is now complete. I've managed to humiliate myself once again. We are still laughing. Life is too short to take this stuff so seriously.




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