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Morning Hunt

I am hunting a stand called the junk yard stand. My most impressive buck was killed here back in 2004 but I've not had a shooter come in here in a number of years.

The weather was incredible, cold and still with temps in the lower 30's. The deer movement was out of this world. I saw 40 deer in my 5 hour hunt with 5 or 6 rack bucks. Unfortunately, none were shooters but it didn't matter. The bucks were chasing, making scrapes and carrying on like rutting deer. I watched one doe park herself in a scrape and she must have peed in it 10 times. The bucks paid no attention to her whatsoever which I found strange. She was definitely hot.

On the way back to the house Kent and I hung a new stand. Well, I supervised and Kent did all the work (he would insist that I stress that). If the wind is good we'll hunt there tomorrow and I may just introduce everyone to our new secret tool for killing monster bucks.

Afternoon Hunt

For my afternoon hunt I tried a new stand called the irrigation ditch. It looked like great country but I saw very little. A small buck and 5 does were the only animals seen except for a big coyote which I hammered with my Muzzy 85gr. Phantom.

We also got home to some good news. Jake killed a super-heavy 10 point that will book with ease. Jake's hunt lasted one day. Jeff saw a monster that would go between 170-180" and he focused on that buck. It was a great day!



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Our deer hunt takes place in Southwest Kansas with Cimarron River Outfitters


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