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Morning Hunt

The weather was just nasty when we left the house and headed to a stand called Larry's Creek. From first light until 9 the weather went from bad to worse, with pounding rain and high winds. I saw a few does and one little dink buck that was chasing them around. At 9 I sent Kent a text to pick me up, it was just too nasty and windy. When this stops it is going to fantastic.

Afternoon Hunt

The rain came down heavy all day long. We didn't hit the treestands as early as usual because of it but when we did get into the stand both me and Jeff Goulet (the third hunter this week) had bucks under us immediately. I had a young, but nice 8 show up before I even had my camera setup. He didn't hang around too long. Forty minutes later some does came in downwind and winded me. They were being chased but it wasn't until 20 minutes later when the buck showed up. He was a nice 8 with dark chocolate horns. I put him at around mid 130's. A dink came by a little later and at the very last light a mature 10 showed up but again, not a shooter. I did get some video of the 10 but since it is the only video I captured I am going to leave the camera in the bag and get a jump on a good nights' sleep. Jeff had 3 nice bucks come in as well, but they all needed another year before we'd consider shooting them.

Jake Ensign got a late start from the airport due to a missing bag. He just showed at the house and starts his hunt tomorrow morning.




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Our deer hunt takes place in Southwest Kansas with Cimarron River Outfitters


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