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Morning Hunt

I went back to the new stand we hung this week where I saw the booner. At first light a real nice 10 came in and any other year I would have shot him, but after seeing two really big bucks here this week I passed on him. It was dark and the video light was marginal anyway.

Two hours later he came back and I got a good look at him. He was nice, I put him around 150 gross with a narrow but very tall rack, good mass and 10 points.

He even had a few kickers at his bases. I've shot a couple narrow and tall bucks here and I really wanted something different - like a 200" booner! A doe ran in with a mature 8 in tow and the two bucks squared off together. They circled a log but the larger buck backed down and the 8 ran off to find his doe again. I really had to think hard about this buck, he was nice and my time is running out. To make matters worse, it appeared he was punctured in his abdomen, he was limping and he had a bulge near his groin which he was favoring. Still, it was early and I was hoping one of the two big bucks would show up.

The 10 was the only decent buck that showed up. I saw some smaller bucks but nothing like that last two mornings.

Afternoon Hunt

I wanted to hunt where there were lots of does. The wind was from the Southwest and that limited my stand choices to 3. I chose the tree belt North of town, a stand that Kent and I hung last year when I decided to hunt without bait.

I've hunted there 3 times including the afternoon when I decoyed in the wide buck. I saw the exact same bucks as the last time but nothing worth shooting. I added one extra day to my hunt so I have one last chance tomorrow before I fly home.



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