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Wednesday Morning Hunt

Ron: Ron hunted the cavalry creek treestand for his last morning. At 7:15 he had the same buck that I had drawn on two days ago but didn't shoot because he walked out of the video frame. Well Ron didn't have a video camera and when the deer showed up he drew but he was facing straight away. He had to let down and when the buck gave him a good angle he drew but the buck caught it. As he released the buck lunged forward and Ron hit him a in the flank. He walked out of the area quietly and came back to town. We waited six hours and when we took up the blood trail we jumped him. We backed out and returned at 4PM. We followed the bloodtrail for a while but lost it when the light faded.

Ron is staying another day and tomorrow they are going to head back out after him. At this point we're going to end the live hunt but Ron has agreed to update everyone on the discussion thread attached to this feature. We saw the wound and the deer is hit hard. He's also in the middle of a CRP field and that will make the recovery a little easier.

Thanks To Cimarron River Outfitters

Once again we had a great hunt at CRO. I believe next year will by my 10th anniversary and it just keeps getting better. This was a great hunt with great people and some superb bucks at close range. I can't wait to get back here again! As always, our thanks to Kent Jarnagin and Kent Wolfolk for their friendship and for making our hunt another memorable experience.



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Our Kansas bowhunt takes place in Southwest Kansas with Cimarron River Outfitters
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