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Friday Morning Hunt

Pat: I had left my gear in the tree I hunted last night and it didn't take long before my heart was pumping again. Thirty minutes after legal shooting light I caught movement behind me and turned in time to see a beautiful buck heading right in. He was instantly identified as a "shooter" and I pulled my bow from the hook. With my camera rolling I got some great footage of him and kept waiting for him to give me the perfect angle. When he lifted his head up the angle was acceptable, but when he put it down to feed it changed to a quartering-to shot.

I knew immediately he was a shooter. But I never got a good angle for a clean shot

I kept waiting for him to change his body position and I was going to draw on him. Unfortunately, it never happened and just before I drew he walked off. I hope to see this buck again.

This is the biggest six point I've ever seen

I'm pretty sure this was the big one from this morning, he was chasing a doe an hour later

I saw several bucks this morning. Many of them were chasing and all were on the hunt for does. Only three bucks hit the bait but 12 other bucks hit the trail and scrape line as the big 10 from last night. I tried grunting a couple of times but they were each on a mission and none of them responded. I stayed until almost 12 and when Kent came to pick me up we walked over to the main trail and decided to put a stand up there. This would be a no-bait stand, hunting the scrape line instead.

Jake: Jake hunted the wooden stand again but his hunt was pretty slow. He saw a 9-pt and some does and fawns.

Ron: Ron hunted Ken's tree and saw a shooter off in the distance. He also grunted in a big old buck but his rack was on the down slope and he was no longer a shooter.


Friday Afternoon Hunt

Pat: We decided to give my morning stand location a rest, especially after hanging a new stand there. So I hunted a new area about a mile East of that strip of woods. It was a big tree in an open meadow and I was hunting over bait there. The first doe came in at 4:30pm and that started a parade of does that lasted until dark. But as they started to come in I got winded and since there was so many does and fawns they were all stomping and blowing and pretty much spoiled the entire evening hunt. I did see one very nice 8-pt chasing a doe and he was definitely a shooter. But the closest he came was 200 yards, maybe more. My evening hunt was pretty flat overall.

Jake: Jake hunted a new stand down south of town. He saw two really big bucks but they were hundreds of yards away, one of them was 5" outside of the ears. He had four bucks in bow range but no shooters.

Ron: Ron hunted the China Berry tree but had a flat evening like all of us.


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