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Saturday Morning Hunt

Pat: This was my first morning hunting the scrape line and trail between the bedding and feeding area. No bait here. This area is about 300 yards from my stand from yesterday and close to where all the action was. We had problems finding a good tree that had a shot to the main scrape line but Kent ended finding one a bit further east. At first light I saw a big framed buck but it was too dark to shoot video or arrows. I couldn't quite see his tines, just the frame.

As the light increased and I had more than adequate shooting light, and video light I spotted what I thought was that big 10 from the first evening. It looked like he was going to come right down that scrape line but he turned and stayed out at 35 yards which is out of my range. He continued West and out of sight but I was happy to see him. I had a dink come by and some smaller does and an hour later the same buck came by again.

Only this time his left beam looked better than I remembered him. He looked like a mainframe 12 but he turned out to be a 6x5. We later determined that he was a different deer than the buck I saw the first night. It's hard to say which one is a better buck. I think this one will gross better but the other will net out higher. I really don't care, they are both shooters for me.

This old and decrepit buck came in later on in the morning and chased a doe. I had seen him from the other stand too. Great morning!

Jake: Jake hunted the round bale stand where I had killed my biggest buck from Kansas two years ago. He saw does and fawns, nothing else.

Ron: Ron hunted Larry's creek and saw three small bucks and a couple of does.



Saturday Afternoon Hunt

Pat: After a short lunch break I snuck back into the stand. The weather was cool and overcast with a moist North wind. Forty minutes after getting into the stand a doe was chased down into my tree belt and shortly after that a young 8 appeared. He chased her behind my stand and they disappeared. An hour before dark I had 10 does cross the tree belt from the North and then twenty minutes later 30 does came from the East. No bucks anywhere tonight. Seems the deer have traded places as it was just the opposite this morning.

Jake: Jake hunted the North stand in the cedars. He saw a nice 8 (see photo) that's not quite a shooter and some other small bucks -not much else.

Ron: Ron hunted the River stand and he had 15 feral hogs appear which really messed up his deer hunt.


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