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Monday Morning Hunt

Pat: I hunted the Big Maple tree where Bill Gaunt shot a nice buck 2 years ago the same day I shot my 166. The morning started out great with a big buck showing up 40 minutes after first light.


When I first saw him from the side I immediately thought "shooter" but I talked myself out of it as he got closer. He was a 7 pt with a busted tine and a very shot G1. Not what I came to Kansas for but he was heavy and mature and just a great buck. I could have easily killed him. I also saw small buck make a scrape.

A shot while later I witnessed two small bucks get into a fight. It was comical, the little guys were going at it hard but their antlers were going "click" "click".

But the highlight of my morning hunt was when a small bobcat walked in and started messing with a forky. I think he was playful but that little predator was actually stalking the buck and would lunge at him. It was a hoot! The best part is I caught the entire thing on video.

Ron: Ron hunted Shoemakers stand and saw a couple really good bucks, one was an eight with a droptine. But they never got close enough for a shot.



Monday Afternoon Hunt

Pat: I wanted to try something different for the evening hunt. So Kent suggested Larry's Creek stand. I had hunted here before but it was recently moved. The evening was pretty slow. A small 10 that needs at least 2 years and some does and fawns. I saw a small 8 chasing a doe and not much else until the last few moments of shooting light. I could see the frame of a good buck approaching and I zoomed in my camera on him. But as I did he was a nice buck with great tine length. A mainframe 8. But he was cruising and by the time he got in range he turned and headed up a trail. If I wanted to shoot him I had no chance of it.

Ron: Ron hunted a ground blind and had a great experience. A doe got between a 140" 8 Pt. and the ground blind. The buck charged the doe and almost landed in the blind with Tater! He said the buck sprayed sand all over the wall of the ground blind.


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