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Bowhunting Kansas Live - 2008


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Up earlier this morning and out to the east about a couple of miles from camp. We spotted a small herd of buffalo with a good bull in it. We trekked a long way across two small creeks to get the wind right and move along a dry riverbed until we were within 80 yards of the bull. He was a good one, pushing 90" and decent mass. But he had cows with him and he wasn’t going to leave them.

Mick spotted a good bull at dawn and the stalk was on

We watched them for an hour until some more cows and bulls joined in and we made our move. They headed toward the trees where we were camped but they were 100 yards back. We moved in to head them off but were a little too slow. The bull stayed behind them and stopped to feed. That was exactly what we were waiting for. Just then a white cockatoo started screaming and everything was on high alert.

Oh My god. Imagine these little bastards screaming during the last 50 yards of the stalk!

Watch the Video of that freaking bird. I wish I had my 1100 with 6 shot.

We waited for things to settle down then Mick led me and Pat in for the final 50 yards. The bull picked us off at the last moment and it was over. We were so close!

An hour later we found another herd of buffalo feeding with some scrub bulls to the east. There looked to be a decent bull in the trees but he was partially obstructed and soon vanished in the brush.

this bull looked good from a distance but when we moved in he was broken and only in the mid seventies. We quit the stalk.

We took a chance and headed after him. It took a while to get to them as we had to cross two creeks but eventually we were in the trees with them and got a good look at the bull. He was smaller than we thought and had a broken tip. So we backed out and headed back to camp for lunch.

After lunch we decided to take a walk in a thick area that may hold some picks and most certainly buffalo and scrub bulls. Mick had never been here before and I always like to visit uncharted territory. We never did run into anything to shoot but we found the most amazing waterfall and fishing hole. While I was filming it a Barra surfaced. There’s no keeping Patrick Jr. away from this hole with his tackle. We are going to come back here before this trip is over.

While exploring new country we found this little piece of paradise. We hope to come back here for some fishing.


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