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Both pat and i checked out our bows this morning. we were spot on and ready to hunt.


We putted around camp a bit this morning getting organized and doing a bit of shooting before we headed out to hunt. When we were satisfied that all was good on the bows, we took off for some large meadows to the west. We spotted buffalo immediately and identified one big bull amongst a few cows. The cows busted us but we couldn’t quite spot the bull once we closed in on them.

This was a trophy bull for sure but he was onto us from the start and the stalk was over before it began. We estimated him at 97 sci.

On a hunch Mick headed down into the creek and there he spotted the bull. He was a beauty, about 95" DP (Douglas Points) and 97" SCI but they were onto us. A stare down through the thickets lasted for a few minutes before he busted. The cows soon followed. We were only 30 yards. Not a bad start at all!

We saw them again out in the meadow but they were too spooky to stalk. Because of our late start this morning it was already lunchtime. We headed back to camp. Pat and I did some fishing and caught a couple of catfish before we ate lunch and got ready for the afternoon hunt.

The agenda for this afternoon was to still hunt a creek bottom hoping to come upon a decent bull. We didn’t see any buffalo but we did come across a dingo. Mick tried to call it in like I call my coyotes back home. I can’t say it worked or not, the dingo was curious but an unstable wind blew the deal. Further down the creek we ran into a small herd of scrub bulls. There are quite a few of these feral animals which we are encouraged to shoot. Brumbies are horses and Scrub bulls are cattle. They are completely wild and I may shoot one before the end of this trip.

our first dingo of the trip. we tried to call him but it didn't work.

We spotted some buffalo here and there but none that I wanted to shoot this early on. They are everywhere so I am trophy selective at this point. This sure is fun having this much game around at all times.

Feral Animals of Australia

Australia has large populations of feral (non-native animals). These populations are huntable whereas the native animals such as kangaroo, crocodiles, wallabies, etc. are not huntable except for depredation hunting by permit in specific areas.

In some areas, the feral populations are out of control and hunters are encouraged to assist in controlling populations by taking these animals.

For hunters in the US the taking of some of these animals may be difficult due to cultural norms. Brumbies are wild horses, scrub bulls are wild cattle, there are also feral cats which look similar to house cats back home. Water buffalo are considered feral even though they are a highly sought after game animal in Australia.



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