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Bowhunting Kansas Live - 2008

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mick, pat and i navigated around a rock cliff. it was better than swimming with saltwater crocodiles


We were out long before sunup to that pond and swamp where Pat Jr. killed his two pigs a few days ago. We saw 5 buffalo cows and calves before sunrise but nothing after that except some scrub bulls and a couple of hogs that winded us. The wind was just terrible this morning blowing in every direction on the compass. We packed it in earlier than usual. At camp Pat Jr. and I did our laundry at the falls and then enjoyed a dip in the rock pools next to camp. It was a real treat to lay there in the running stream and cool off. I could have stayed there all day, but we had buffalo to kill so playtime was over.

Mick and I left Pat Jr. back at camp so we could take the quad out and really cover some ground. Just like this morning, the wind was just awful. Every time we went east, the wind blew from the west. Every time we went west, the wind blew from the east. Eventually we just gave up and started to head home. Then everything happened.

We came over a small hill and spotted several buffalo. While we were glassing I looked down to my right and 100 yards from us was a big bull. Mick estimated him in the mid nineties. He was old, and mean looking. He was also onto us and it took him 30 minutes to calm down.

the big bull was onto us before we saw him

When we started to feed again we put the stalk on him. But now there was no wind and impossible to walk quietly. He pegged us at 80 yards and I told Mick to keep the video camera rolling. I walked up to him using my Mathews Monster as the black sweeping horns of another bull. I thought at best he would let me get within 30 yards, at worst he would stomp me like a bug.

Video of this ridicuous scene

He didn't fall for it. At 50 yards he had tolerated enough. I fell like a loser for even trying it. Hey, I saw it done on TV so it must work!

One day left. Tomorrow is going to be a push from dawn til dusk. We are getting closer every day. Tomorrow will be the day.



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