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Today is a transition day. We are flying out to meet Mick and start our buffalo hunt. Shane, Antonio, Patrick and I got up very early and we were on the road for the ride back to Darwin before sunup. On the way home we saw hogs, brumbies, dingos - even three Kangaroos. We made it to Darwin by the skin of our teeth. We said goodbye and thanked Shane and Antonio one last time before we boarded the Air North flight to McCarthur River where we would meet Mick Baker of Trophy Bowhunts Australia.

My son and I arrived at McCarthur river

not exactly o'hare

The drive took us about four hours toward Boraloora and ultimately down this rough dirt road for nearly 40k before we arrived at camp. On the way in we started spotting buffalo immediately and some big ones at that. I could tell immediately this was going to be a good hunt.

A good sign! on the way in we saw lots of buffalo including some shooters right from the truck. they appear to be everywhere.

Camp is outstanding. It overlooks a small river that has barramundi, sleepy cod, catfish, and crocodiles living in it. This is one of the prettiest camps I've stayed at. More importantly, my son is absolutely in heaven since he is nuts about fishing.

photos from camp

camp was primitive but comfortable

We have hot showers

comfortable cots for sleeping

and a big pool for fishing and doing laundry. But we were warned not to get too close to the water. The occasional salty (croc) finds it's way into the pool every so often.

Mick made us a nice spaghetti supper and we hit the sack early tonight. Tomorrow is our first day of buffalo hunting.



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