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Food Plot 7 - Merit Seed Winter Peas, Buck Forage Oats, and Merit Crimson Clover

Utilization based on game camera survey on this crop choice + evidence of use

Growth Results

This has been my top producing plot the previous two years when it was a brassicas blend. This year I rotated the brassicas out and planted a custom fall mix from BFO and Merit Seed Co. consisting of 50% winter peas, 40% Buck Forage Oats, and 10% Merit Crimson Clover. I planted it with my new seed drill and it came up terrific.

Activity Results

In previous years this has been my top kill plot and that streak extended to 2022. On Halloween, I shot and wounded my top buck in this plot as he fed by my treestand. Several other mature bucks visited this plot allong with a lot of does.


I like to experiment with fall blends in this plot. This year it was peas, oats, and annual clovers. It performed just as well as my previous brassica plots. The only concern I had with this plot was that the peas and clover were gone by 11/15 and the oats were frost-killed by 12/15. So the plot was barren into the late season. I may adjust my blend next year to get a little more late season out of it.

Plot Photo

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