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Photos from our Plots

Every year we have tons of left over photos, either we took ourselves or photos taken by our Moultrie Trail Cameras. We decided to pick out a bunch and share them with you. Enjoy.

My kill plot soybeans were great this year, even with the heavy browsing pressure early   
I had a great view from inside my Redneck blind
My number one buck was called Scarface and I got a photo of him nearly every day until I wounded him, and killed him in late season.
This buck was probably 22-23" wide. I passed him 3 times. Gotta look at him next season to see if he's a shooter.
My kill plot was the best for activity. Almost all of my shooter buck were here.
Here's what a great crop of late season beans looks like. By January 15th not a bean would remain out of an estimated 6 billion soybeans.
My friend Charlie Rehor was hunting does at my farm the night I finally killed Scarface. He would kill a doe from the same blind the following day.
This little buck bed in my barn every day. I jumped him several times before I put a trail cam in there.
I love making mock scrapes with grapevines!!
This double main-beam buck stayed on my neighbors all season. I only got pics of him on the 14th and 15th before he vanished. 100 yards over my fence, my neighbor had dozens of pics spanning several weeks. He was a brute!
This little buck was fooling around with my camera and pushed it over before catching this outstanding pic with perfect framing!
This is a nice buck but not a shooter for me. He survived and we'll see what he looks like in 2023.
Another mock scrape being freshened by the buck we call 160.
This buck is likely 7 years old. He shows up every winter and is never captured in daylight. I have two years worth of sheds off him.
This neat little 8' grain drill showed up at my local dealer and I couldn't resist. It's a Greenscape 750, No Till planter with a legume box and a grain box. Worked really well after I realized the stickers were backwards on the seed flutes.
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