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Food Plot 3 - Legacy Clover + Alfa-Rack

Utilization based on game camera survey on this crop choice + evidence of use

Growth Results

Some of this plot was planted by the previous owners, but I sprayed several applications of clethodim for grass, and IMAX for broadleaves, along with overseeding with generic ladino clover. It's not as perfect as my burn-down, pure stand, but it's getting there. I'll continue to assault the grass and weeds but it's just for aesthetics at this point, the plot performs very well.

Activity Results

Activity was, once again, decent. This plot serves a purpose as a staging area as the deer enter my annual kill plot. The deer hit this field for a few minutes before moving to the annuals - which is the real goal.


This plot servest its purpose as a staging area. It draws very well and is relatively low maintenance. I also seem to get a lot of trail cam pics here.

Plot Photo

Trail Cam Photo - brought to you by Moultrie Moultrie Trail Cams

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