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Baywatch Alaska - 2001

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We had hoped to get out of Halibut bay to try a new area but the weather had other plans. It would be too risky to take the skiff on the canal so we stayed here for another hunt. This was Tom's last day, he and John fly out tomorrow.

John and I stalked this big black bear for photos and video. We got within 25 yards.

Tom and Johnnie headed for the hole, John and I went back to the same spot as yesterday. On the way in we spotted a jumbo black bear and stalked him for some pictures and video. He fed to within 25 yards before we decided to make our presence known. I yelled "hey bear" and he was gone without an incident.

Another nice bear appears just before darkness set in.

John and I spotted three more black bears that evening. Johnnie and Tom saw five including a "jumbo" black, and a respectable cinnamon. No brown bears. Being Tom and John's last evening Johnnie made up some popcorn and cheesecake and we socialized late into the evening. I really enjoyed hunting with both Tom and John and we'll miss them around camp.

We urged Johnnie to fly back to town and have a doc look after his bearfinger. He insisted that he would rather guide his client to the completion of their hunt, than save his hand. Johnnie always goes "above and beyond" for his clients - but this was remarkable. He's pretty tough - for a Democrat.



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