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Baywatch Alaska - 2001


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The way we hunt bears is different than most other animals. Bears are mainly nocturnal and because of that, we typically only hunt the afternoons. If you like to sleep in and relax, go fishing, or type away on a computer this is a great hunt.

This nice big black bear appeared directly behind camp. We were tempted but opted to pass on the stalk.

Tom noticed a bear across from camp so out came the spotting scopes and binoculars. While they were focused on that bear I glanced behind camp and spotted a very respectable black bear feeding on the near bank. He was probably 300 lb. with a good hide and nice big head. He would be borderline for a record book bear and we decided to pass on a stalk - but I was tempted.

We motored right up to this unconcerned black bear

The weather was calm and clear, yet slightly overcast. We loaded up Johnnie's skiff to check out the back end of the bay - an area Johnnie calls "The Hole." The tides are a factor in our hunt and we had to time them just right or our boat would "high and dry." Because of that, we headed for the hole much earlier in the day than we would have preferred but before long that didn't seem to matter.

This little black bear was shocked to turn around and see four hunters staring at him. Luckily for him he wasn't a jumbo.

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The black bears were out in force. We spotted 15 different bears that day including a real nice cinnamon color phased bear and a couple of bears we like to call "Jumbos." Neither Tom or I stalked any of these bears - it was too early and we wanted to get a good look at the area before making a move. Both of us had black bear, and brown bear tags - and eleven more days, so there was no sense in rushing. The tide change forced us to leave the hole before the afternoon hunt. Tom and John took a stand on the outer corner of the bay, an area not affected by the tides, and Johnnie and checked the outer beaches. All of us saw black bear but no stalks, and no brown bear were seen.


We headed back to camp and enjoyed a nice dinner of barbecued pork chops before bed.

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