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Baywatch Alaska - 2001


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The carcass of Pat's black bear lie just 30 yards away.


Back to the hole.

John Rommen and I settled into the same spot within the hole. We figured the best tactic was to simply hang this area and hope the brown bear would show. Our bets were this massive bear was hanging here. It only made sense given the absence of black bear activity. We sat this area from early afternoon til dark. He never showed. In an area that had been teaming with bears just a few days earlier we saw exactly one black bear.

John watched our backtrail in the woods.


Johnnie and Tom were down the bay in the grass flats. They saw more black bear activity than we had. Four different bears were spotted from their area.

Pat stayed glued to the edge of the tidal marsh.


When we returned; Johnnie, John and I talked about our tactics for tomorrow. During this time of year, when the bears are starting to get their mating urges, sightings can occur at any time of day - not just the typical evening movements. We set the alarm for early morning and decided to head out in the dark. We hit the sleeping bags early. Tomorrow would be a marathon wait.


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