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Saskatchewan Whitetail Live

October 17-22

Day 6

All day hunt

With the close call last night (and no bears) at this stand, I opted to go back to the same stand as yesterday.

By 8:00 AM I had six does visit the bait. I sat there until 6:15PM and never saw another deer. I spent six days sitting sun-up to sundown for a total of 66 hours. I definitely put in the hours, unfortunately mother nature doesn't always cooperate.

David and Steve from Texas had similar results. Only Matt killed a deer and we were really happy for him.

Of course, Rob and the rest of the crew were disappointed and couldn't believe how slow the hunt was. As I told Rob this evening, I have had a string of great hunts, with some of the best deer bowhunting memories ever from Saskatchewan. I was due for a mulligan.

My thanks go out to Rob Nye, Richard for helping get me to and from the treestands, and Marilyn for her outstanding cooking. Of course I'll be back to bowhunt Saskatchewan with Canadian Trophy Quest. I love this hunt!

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