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Saskatchewan Whitetail Live

October 17-22

Day 5

All day hunt

The hunt has been a challenge, but it's not for lack of trying, especially by Rob and his guides. They asked if I wanted to hunt another treestand that is deep in the bush near camp. They had a trail cam pic of a pretty good buck, a shooter for most guys including me. So we went there this morning. It was exceptionally slow, 8 does before 8AM and 3 does at 4:30. At last light I could see a buck moving in my direction. It was getting pretty dark but it was still good.

Unfortunately, the buck was wired out of his mind. It took him forever to turn and present me with a clear shot. By that time, I had run out of shooting light. Eventually, Rob's guide drove up to get me and bumped the buck out. I learned later, that this buck had been wounded last week by another hunter. He hit him above the lungs. The buck was fine, just really jumpy for good reason.

We started this week with four bowhunters. Three of us remain. It's been hard hunting but everyone is in great spirits. No moping around or whining in camp. Everyone has been fun to hunt with.

And the food is just outstanding. Marilyn, our cook is making all of us fat! For the last two years I've been extremely disciplined with my eating and that's gone all to shit this week!

Saskatchewan Whitetail
So close, just needed a little more time!

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