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Saskatchewan Whitetail Live

October 17-22

Day 4

All day hunt

No more bear nonsense. I got moved to Matt's stand where he killed his 9 with a drop last night. I knew it was a little risky hunting that stand, with all of the commotion there last night but there was no bears harrasing that stand so I was all in.

At first light a couple of 1.5 year olds showed up along with a doe and fawn. For the next 9 hours all I saw was a couple of does and a spike. It was warm with a couple periods of spitting rain. Not ideal.

Rob and his guides checked cams and baits. Every stand has bears. This is nuts!

While the hunting has been rough, everyone is in good spirits. Food is fantastic and we're all hunting hard and having fun. Of course Matt is happy!

Saskatchewan Whitetail
Matt DeVoe with his great Saskatchewan droptine buck!

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