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We left the lodge with Deon’s quad loaded in the pick-up truck well before first light. After a 45 minute drive we then had a 20 minute ride in the quad to the look-out. The area we could see was huge and we immediately started seeing Moose. The plan was to hang here until 10 AM and then after seeing what all was there we would try for a stalk after the Moose bedded down. Deon and I spotted three different Bull moose worth investigating. Deciding which one to go after involved whether or not he was with cows and how accessible a stalk would be given the existing terrain. This is where you trust your guide.

At 10 AM we started after a good looking bull 2 miles away. The walking is slow in Newfoundland as everything is either wet or tough on foot placement. You cannot let your guard down as you walk because you can encounter everything from a sink hole to a rock or a tree limb which can throw you off balance.

When we got to the area we last saw the bull we were looking for, the terrain looked much harder to stalk than we thought. As we were evaluating the area I looked right below me and at 25 yards I saw the ear of a bedded cow Moose. We quickly ducked down out of her view and upon further glassing saw a 6 point bull with a 25 inch spread laying next to her. Deon determined it was too risky to get real aggressive with those two around so we laid low for the next 5 hours. We took a nap, grazed on some awesome blueberries, had lunch and continued to glass the area.

At 5 PM Deon began raking the shoulder blade on some brush to see if anything would come. Nothing happened. So we did a small loop and then stumbled on that 6 point bull. He was not too scared but stayed ahead of us at about 50 yards for a while. We had decided if nothing happened by 7 PM we would head back so we could get to the quad at dark. Deon continued raking and to our amazement we heard a bull begin grunting back at us. Could it be the one we spotted that morning??

Suddenly, a trophy Newfoundland bull emerged from the trees...

We knew right away this was no ordinary Newfoundland Bull!

After a minute of aggressive posturing, the bull presented the shot

We couldn't believe it!


Check out the video and see what happens!

Well how about that?? A bull Moose simply does not like another bull in his territory. We quickly gutted the Moose and headed out. Tomorrow would be a day of packing back in with the quad and getting the Moose. The GPS shows me the Moose is 2.5 miles from the quad! That night in the dark as we were walking out I thought of all the hunts I had previously had in Newfoundland and the awesome hunting I had experienced here over the years. I also knew I had accomplished the "Newfy Slam" Man I felt great! Someone pinch me!!

Tomorrow we have moose chores and then it's on for a trophy bear.

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White Feather Lodge

Charlie's Moose hunt takes place in Newfoundland Canada with Cog Pellig'sWhite Feather Lodge.

For more information on Hunting Newfoundland and Labrador visit the Tourism Bureau


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