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I awoke at 4:30 AM and met Deon and a couple friends to go get the Moose. I knew today would be a long day but a great day. It took us 3 hours to blaze a trail that would get the quad to the Moose. When we got there we cleared out the area a bit and took some field photo's.

As you can see the Moose has great mass, points, palms and spread. He green scores at 148 4/8’s net. With 135 being the minimum to qualify for P&Y Club Canadian Moose he will easily make book after the 60 day drying period.

We then quartered the Moose and caped it out. Deon took the back half of the moose on load number one and started the long ride out. The attached video shows the Moose beginning his trip back to Rhode Island. Quads are amazing.

Deon loads half my moose out on the first run.

It took us a total of 9 hours to get everything out and loaded in the pick-up. When we got back to the lodge it was hectic until we got the meat and cape in the fridge and freezer and then we celebrated with a great dinner.! Harvest day is always a good day!

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White Feather Lodge

Charlie's Moose hunt takes place in Newfoundland Canada with Cog Pellig'sWhite Feather Lodge.

For more information on Hunting Newfoundland and Labrador visit the Tourism Bureau


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