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Iowa Whitetail Live

November 1-7

Day 2

Morning Hunt

For my first morning hunt I went back to the same farm, but we hunted a funnel in the woods. It looked fantastic! Deer started moving early and as the sun was coming up I saw a buck walking down the pasture side of the fenceline. I glassed him and he was a wide, mature eight point. I sized him up and put him as a 4.5 or 5.5 year old. His rack was very nice but nothing exceptional. I decided to pass him if he gave me a shot.

This nice 8 point made me think about it - but he didn't pass the "no doubt" test.



Afternoon Hunt


Afternoon bucks

At 2 PM I was back to the same stand. I really liked the funnel and all it takes is one nice cruiser to use it. The weather was cold today and the action should be heating up. At 3:30 I heard a deer approaching from the southwest - it was the same buck from this morning but this time he came right by my stand at 22 yards. I could have shot him easily but again, I passed him up. He fed around my stand then the worst thing happened. He bedded 30 yards in plain sight. I didn't want to bust him out so I stood for a while watching him until he got up and eased out of sight.

Before the end of the hunt I saw 3 more bucks, they were all 2.5 year olds and all 8 points. I saw 4 bucks this morning and 4 bucks this afternoon. It was a fun day!

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