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Iowa Whitetail Live

November 1-7

Day 4

All day hunt

Steve took me to a new farm today. It was a bit of a drive to get there but well worth it since there are some fantastic bucks at this property. I was going deep into the bush and stay here all day long. It was very slow at my stand. I saw my first deer at 3PM and the only buck was a spike that walked under my stand. At 4PM I saw a mature 10 - probably 145" P&Y about 200 yards away on the opposite ridge. He was not a shooter.

While my hunt was slow today, another hunter sitting the same farm had lots of action. I must be wearing my deer repellent this week!

There's 6 guys in camp. and while nobody has killed a buck yet, most are seeing some good deer. I've got 3 days left so hoping for a big finish.

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